Viking Longships

We designed and made Viking inspired longships out of recycled materials. Then, we tested them and observed how they could be made to move using the force of the wind.


Here are 5A’s fantastic egg designs. Which two do you think won? Click on the pictures to take a closer look.

Rugby with an England star

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a rugby session with the England player Paul Broadbent. They got to learn different skills (both individual and team) to help them play a game of rugby.

What is a mini-saga?

As part of completing our Viking topic, we wrote a mini-saga about what we had learnt. However, we could only use 100 words or less. Here are some examples of our first drafts. How do you think we are doing?


After listening to people talk about their careers, we researched what careers we might want to have when we are older.

Safer Internet Day

We have been talking about keeping ourselves safe on the internet.

We watched the SID TV video from hearing from children about their perspectives on the images they see online. We discussed the themes mentioned around permanence of images and how there is often more than meets the eye.

We then played ‘Emoji match-up’ where half the class had an emoji and the other half had a definition. The children then had to find the person with the matching emoji/definition. For example, a blushing face = I’m embarrassed. Children then had to discuss with one another about why they think they match, or not.

We then thought about our top tips for keeping ourselves safe online and used emojis on padlet to share them.

Made with Padlet

Investigating Triangles

Task 1 – We had five minutes to make what we thought each triangle looked like (T1).
Task 2 – We had to look at the different triangles and talk about the properties they had. We then had to complete a second poster page to share these properties (T2).

Have we been successful? We will be looking at this task again tomorrow to check.

Made with Padlet