Haiku Writing

We have been looking at Haiku’s today in English.  To begin, in groups, we looked at different syllables and made up some silly style poetry.  Here are some examples:

We then had to make some Haiku’s linked to Kensuke’s Kingdom.  We made them on Book Creator by typing text, adding a picture and recording it.  We then had to export it as a video.  Here are some examples:

Art – Drawing sailing boats

This afternoon, we have been drawing sailing boats using a step by step guide.  We then had to critique one of our friends work by giving them constructive feedback.  We had to act on the feedback and improve our boat when we drew it again.

Here are the examples of our improvements, displaying them using Pic Collage:


Survival Homework

For their homework, over the half term, the children have been asked to complete four tasks from the options on the PDF below:

Survival homework

Here are some examples of the homework tasks so far:


As an introduction to biographies, we have read a range of different ones. We then discussed the features of a biography and tried to highlight those features in our favorite biographies.

Click on our success criteria below:

Have we been successful and highlighted the correct things?



Viking Longboats

As a quick plenary, we created a WWW and EBI evaluation on whether our Longboats were successful or not.

Viking Longships

We designed and made Viking inspired longships out of recycled materials. Then, we tested them and observed how they could be made to move using the force of the wind.


Here are 5A’s fantastic egg designs. Which two do you think won? Click on the pictures to take a closer look.