To begin, we created a planet factfile about a planet of our choice using any medium we wanted.

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We then made some mnemonics to help us remember the order of the planets.

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After that, we went out onto the playground and imagined we were the planets.  We practised ordbiting the sun and making sure we were moving at the correct speed.

img_7156 img_7157 img_7158 img_7159 img_7160 img_7161 img_7162 img_7165 img_7166 img_7167 img_7168 img_7169 img_7170 img_7171 img_7172 img_7173 img_7174 img_7175 img_7177

After that, we looked at day and night and how it occurs.  We go at to make some model planets out of plasticine.  We then practised how to exaplain day Andy night by using our models.


  1. Great work year5, really effective. Well done! Like the noodle pneumonic too girls.

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