Painting Skills

We tested out our painting skills by creating some Japanese art. Sophie and Aimee created an Animoto from our pictures. What do you think?

Hall of Fame

We have been learning the lyrics to ‘Hall of Fame’ to showcase at our Arts Awards evening. Listen to the words. We have been talking about how we can be whatever we want to be.

Survival Day

Last week, we had lots of fun putting some of our theory into reality when we had our Survival Day. We learnt how to make shelters, build fires, first aid and separating materials. We also made our own energy stick and painted pictures based on Japanese art.

Sports Day

We had lots of fun when we visited D.C.C. for our Sports Day. Have a look at the videos from some of our activities.

Also, have a look at some of our pictures.

We also did our Daily Mile.

Body Percussion

We have been learning how to make music with parts of our body for our Arts Award evening. How do you think we are doing so far?

Features of a newspaper article

As a starter to our Newspaper unit, we recapped on what we thought the features of a newspaper were. To check our understanding, we had to label an article and comment on some of the features. Have we been successful?

Made with Padlet

Fairtrade Alphabet

We have been looking at different Fairtrade items.  We tried to find at least one for every letter of the alphabet. Do you think we were successful?

Drawing – Kensuke’s Kingdom cover

We tried to sketch the front cover of Kensuke’s Kingdom carefully, making sure we made everything the relevant size.  We then experimented with colour.

What do you think of our drawings so far?